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A throwback jersey is a jersey that looks almost identical to a jersey worn by a professional sports team. Throwback jerseys are timeless and never go out of style. Throwback jerseys were first worn in the 1980’s by professional baseball teams. Since then they have become popular with professional sporting teams, college teams, city league teams and fans. Throwback jerseys started because baseball teams wanted to pay tribute to the teams from the past and past styles. Throwback jerseys were introduced to the NFL in 1994 which was the 75th anniversary of the NFL. The NBA introduced throwback jerseys on their 50th anniversary in in 1996. Since the introduction of throwback jerseys fans and teams have ran with the idea making it more popular than ever before. It is a look you can pull off anytime and almost anywhere. The best part about throwback jerseys is they never go out of fashion. They are popular among sport enthusiasts, professional and non-professional sporting teams. You can also customize your throwback jersey to your own personal taste. Throwback jerseys are great for school teams and clubs because they are affordable and you are able to design them with your team or club colors.


There are several websites and stores that offer affordable throwback jerseys. Most stores will let you pick out the color you want, number and name you want on your jersey. If your school team or club has a logo you can normally get that stitched on as well. A throwback jersey is a great option when looking for team or club uniforms because they are timeless. Throwback jerseys are affordable and since they offer a timeless look you do not have to worry about replacing them every year.


Throwback jerseys are high quality jerseys made with quality materials. Nike throwback jerseys are said to be the best throwback jersey you can buy. You can purchase Nike throwback jerseys with a team, logo and number already on it or buy a plain jersey. Nike is known for making high quality products and this is no exception when it comes to Nike throwback jerseys.

Team Uniforms

Throwback jerseys make perfect football uniforms. Any football is going to want to have matching uniforms and buying throwback jerseys will make the football uniforms look flawless. It is always nice to have matching game jerseys. You can also buy two different sets of throwback jerseys. Having one for home games and one for away games is a great way to switch up your teams look. Nike throwback jerseys are affordable enough to have multiple throwback jersey colors.

International Sports

International sporting teams have also picked up on the throwback jersey craze. Teams in France, Brazil, Australia and several other countries around the world can be spotted wearing throwback jerseys. Nike is the biggest producer of throwback jerseys throughout the world. Nike throwback jerseys have proven to be affordable and made with high quality material which in turn has made Nike throwback jerseys a top seller worldwide.

The next time your team or club needs a new uniform makes sure to look into throwback jerseys. The look is timeless and everyone on your team is sure to enjoy a throwback jersey. You can also pay tribute to your favorite sports player by purchasing a throwback jersey with their name on it.

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