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comfortable living room

A living room is where you generally put your feet up and relax. A warm, comfortably furnished room, keeping in your tastes, will let you rest easy. Any furniture, whether they’re end tables and coffee tables or a couch or sofa, should blend in without creating a jarring effect. It doesn’t have to perfectly match the rest of your furniture, but any new pieces shouldn’t clash with what you currently have. I also like furniture that is functional and looks good.

If the entrance to the living room has a foyer, a sofa table will look elegant and welcoming. It’s convenient to place the mail, newspaper, keys and other things as you enter. The couch or reclining sofa in the living room should reflect your tastes. You can choose from a huge variety of leather, metal or wooden couches or sofas. And a small foot rest just within reach to put your feet up on coming home after a hard day’s work would be sheer bliss.

Oak coffee tables placed within reaching distance from the couch are convenient to keep some snacks or drinks if you’re watching TV. They’re also useful to place your TV remote, or for your guests to use when they’re relaxing in the living room with you. Wood coffee tables and side tables are handy to keep a lamp or a vase of fresh flowers. Nothing like flowers to brighten up a room! I like cuddling up on my couch with a blanket and a lot of throw pillows and cushions on these wintry evenings, just reading or surfing channels.

Don’t compromise on your tastes when it comes to doing up your living room comfortably!

Guest blogger: Jayashri

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