What long lasting furniture should you invest in?


Oak coffee table

When it’s time to purchase a new piece of furniture, you’ll have two choices: buy something that works right now but might not last long, or invest in sturdier items. If you choose the first option, your furniture will cost less so you’ll save money, but the downside is that you’ll have to replace it more frequently. On the other hand, you could purchase a more lasting piece of furniture but it will certainly cost you more, unless you find a really good deal. Here is a guide for you to choose long lasting furniture that will be well worth the investment:

1.       Decide how prominent the furniture piece will be in your home. If it’s a vital part of the room where everyone is sure to see it, then a higher investment is well justified. For example, a teak dining table would be a prominent part of your dining room. It will be well worth the investment.

2.       Consider how much wear and tear this piece of furniture is going to go through. If it’s a coffee table that you will use regularly in your living room, then consider spending more for a table like an oak coffee table.

3.       Keep in mind how long you plan to live in your current home. If you’re constantly moving, then you’ll want furniture that will stand up to the rigor of moving. If you wish to keep your furniture with you when you move then you might want to pick furniture that will be okay during transportation. For example, a granite dining table can be transported through multiple moves. At the same time, that’s a heavy piece of furniture, so you might be better off with less expensive furniture that you can donate when you move out.

Choose your furniture wisely and invest in furniture that you would like to keep long term!

Guest blogger: Anirudh

2 Responses to “What long lasting furniture should you invest in?”

  1. jacob Says:

    of course I’d rather choose a long lasting furniture than the bad one.. just like when I try to find computer desk, I have to find the best one that durable for my home office. btw after read your tips, i’m considering to find a coffee table too, i think it’s gonna be great for my family dining room.

  2. Armando Says:

    Surely prefer the more durable furniture will be better idea. I have a platform bed made from strong teak wood. I bought this bed about ten years ago and it remains strong up to this day. so I do not need to provide more money to afford the new one.

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