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I’ve always found it easy to find a gift for a wine lover, which was perfect because my dad loved anything to do with wine. Every year, one of the presents I get my dad for the holiday season is his favorite bottle of wine or I find a new one for him to try. I know he looks forward to that gift, and is sure to love it. But I don’t want him to get bored with the same gift every time, so here are some other gift ideas for the wine lover in your life:

Something most wine lovers like is a book on wines. It could be about rare wines, region-specific wine making methods or famous wines. You can scour old book shops for rare books or new book stores for books on wine tasting. One of my dad’s favorite is the wine journal I got him, which lets him write down every wine he tastes and what he thinks of it.

An elegant wine glass rack hanging is another great gift. I got my dad a wine glass rack that matches the look of the rest of his kitchen, which was a nice dark metal. You’ll be able to find one in whatever material you prefer: wood, bamboo, metal, wrought-iron and even plastic. The number of wine glasses a rack can hold will depend on the size of the rack, so keep that in mind when choosing it. My dad said the wine glass holder I found was a fantastic, unique gift and he uses it a lot!

There are also fun wine games out there. I had no idea about these, until I played one at a friend’s house. They had Wine-opoly, which we played as we enjoyed a new bottle of wine together. It’s a game that anyone can play, even if they know next to nothing about wine. There’s another game called Wine Teasers, which is a fun game for people who want to test their wine knowledge.

A couple of years back, I gave my dad a wine rack cabinet to hold his wine bottles. They can be customized to exact size specifications and in various finishes. Some of the wine rack cabinets I’ve seen are so compact and fit into very small spaces but can hold at least 6-8 bottles. Keep in mind whether you want to get one that keeps the wine bottles at a set temperature.

For someone who hosts frequent parties, a cheese platter for those wine and cheese nights will come in handy. I’ve also gotten my dad a set of wine glasses, like tulip glasses. A true connoisseur of wine knows that good wine always tastes better from a high quality glass.

Now you’re ready to find the perfect gift for the wine lover in your life!

Guest blogger: Jayashri

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