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reclining sofa, sleeper chair, sleeper ottoman

A nap can be very refreshing any time of the day. People often fall asleep in their living room, as they’re watching TV or reading. Sometimes we don’t have the time to get our full eight hours of sleep each night, which is when a nap comes in handy! The living room is a great place for a nap in the afternoon, especially when you’re full from lunch or have finished your work in the morning. Turn your living room into a great place for a nap with some of these comfy furniture ideas:

Sleeper chair

What could be more comfortable than a type of chair that has the word “sleeper” in its name? A sleeper chair is a big chair with big cushions that make you feel like you’re sinking into comfort when you sit on them. Sleeper chairs can be folded out to a full length sleeping chair and you can relax on the chair and catch a quick nap!

Reclining sofa

I’ve often taken a nap without intending to, because I can lean back in a reclining seat on my couch. A reclining sofa is one of the best places when it comes to napping. They can recline at the touch of a button, making them extremely comfortable for a nap. You’ll feel so relaxed when the foot rest is up and your back is reclined.

Sleeper ottoman

If you don’t want a sleeper chair that folds out to a bed, or you don’t want to spend a lot on a good reclining sofa, then an ottoman is the answer for you. A chair sleeper ottoman is a comfortable foot rest, which is often sold with couch sets. You can move them in front of any chair you want, so you’re not restricting to relaxing in just one spot.  If your couch didn’t come with an ottoman, pick one up that matches the material and color of your current couch, or have fun choosing one that adds a splash of color!

Guest blogger: Anirudh

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