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Fitness watches, sports watches, and heart rate monitor watches are worn not only for knowing the time but also to accelerate one’s fitness regime. A workout regime is good only when it’s regulated. Tracking your level of fitness will prove to be effective for your long term fitness goals, so you can track your progress. There are many types of watches that monitor your fitness level. The best thing about these watches is that they are stylish and made for both men and women. Create a fashion statement and be fit at the same time. Some of the most popular fitness watches that have stormed the market are:

Polar f11 watch: Polar F11 watch is an effective heart rate monitor watch that is within an affordable price range. From the design and style to the features, all of which make this fitness monitor a viable option for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. For all the athlete and adventure enthusiasts, the Polar F11 has everything you need to succeed during your routines. The Polar F11 helps increase one’s performance, whether you are training for a marathon or workout out at the gym. The watch is also great for bikers, as you can track your cadence and speed.

Timex heart rate monitor watch: This watch is one of the most popular fitness watches because of its affordability and reliability. The chest strap available with this chronological product helps in monitoring your heart rate with ultimate accuracy. What make these watches so popular are their features because it has chronograph of 100 hours, night-light, high lap memory, timer, and back up alarm. Furthermore, the watch is water resistant and shows the average heart rate, calories burnt, data recording and digitalized transmission.

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