Staying collected at Black Friday


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Black Friday is coming up in three days, and more than ever, you need to be ready. How do you ensure that you get the deals that you want the most? And what should you do if you something is sold out? No worries, we have some great tips for you to keep ahead of the crowd and pick out the things you want.

We’re going to assume you’ve already done basic preparation, such as picking out deals you’d like as well as knowing basic store layouts for big retailers such as Best Buy. The first thing you need to do is prioritize. Establish which deals you want to pick up first. Strategies you may want to try is either going for lesser-desired items that you want, or higher-priority first. Another possible idea is getting to the back of the store quick, and finding everything you want and working towards the front of the store.

Another good tip you’ll probably have to use is cutting your losses. If you’re looking through the Black Friday monitor deals, but what you’re looking for is gone, move on, or you may lose your chance at the PSP Black Friday deals! You can mourn later, but when you’re in the store, it’s all business, all the time.

A final tip for all you shoppers. Black Friday is no time to be nice. Being nice is for losers, on this day above all others. Shoving is encouraged, and suicide dives for the last camcorder or appliance. Nothing is forbidden, everything is allowed. Of course, don’t get caught by security.

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