What to look for in toddler car seats


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Toddlers are just as frail and delicate as babies especially during trips in the family car. It is illegal for parents not to have their toddlers seated in a toddler car seat while riding in a motorized vehicle. First car seats for toddlers just like any other child-care product must have all the safety features required by law.

What to look for when buying toddler car seats:

  • Infant car seat head support – The safety provided by car seats for toddlers is usually not enough. Babies need to be comfortable and properly their backs supported during long car trips. Car seat head supports work just as well for toddlers as they do for infants. They provide proper spinal alignment by keeping their heads and body straight. They also give additional comfort especially on those long trips. Look for car seats that include this accessory.
  • Toddler seat car cover – Some car seats for toddlers come with a car seat cover to keep baby away from the sun while traveling on hot days. Some states have regulations regarding car window tinting so this additional accessory is a must. Many car seats don’t include this accessory but they can be bought in standard sizes and in attractive designs and colors.
  • Washability – your toddler’s car seat cover should be easily detachable and washable. Cleaning the cover with the entire seat can be an ‘interesting’ experience.
  • Adequate tethers and restraints – Your toddler’s car seat should not only be easy to install but should also be compliant with new regulations regarding its attachment to the vehicle. New regulations state that the car seat should be attached to the vehicle itself and not just to the vehicle seat. Your car seat should also have complete and adjustable restraints to keep your infant or toddler from falling off the seat which is why it is inadvisable to buy second-hand car seats.

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    great article!! these are great things to look for in a car seat for your kids. keep up the good work.

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