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kitchen countertop, where you can put a ceramic knife set, home bread slicer, two tier fruit basket

Who doesn’t want a super functioning and multitasking kitchen? Basic items like microwaves, toasters, stove ovens, and pots and pans are always a part of the kitchen. Get your kitchen to be even more functional for you by fully using the space on your countertop. Don’t leave that counter empty! Your kitchen becomes inviting if you add your personal touch by placing functional and smart items on your counter. This is an easy and inexpensive way to highlight your cooking area to your family and friends. Moreover, your cooking space should be good for you, as you’ll spend a lot of time cooking. Here are three especially handy items for your countertop that not everyone thinks of:

Home bread slicer

A home bread slicer is one of the finest and most practical appliances that your kitchen can have. This device is especially great for people who love freshly baked bread, whether you make it yourself or get it fresh from a bakery. You’ll save time slicing bread loaves uniformly so you can quickly savor it while it’s still fresh.

Two tier fruit basket

A fruit basket is another counter item that will make your kitchen space look attractive. It comes in various styles and tiers. The sleek two tier fruit basket made in chrome is an ideal and attractive counter top display. Fruit baskets also promote healthy eating when you have it filled with fruit. It looks equally good if you move it to the center of your kitchen table when you need more counter space, and you may inspire your kids to have a tasty fruit snack rather than junk food!

Ceramic knife set

Make cutting food easier on yourself and guests with a good cutlery set. Give yourself that extra edge with a knife set made from quality material that is kept sharped, like a ceramic knife set. It’s especially important to keep these knives sharp, because you’re more likely to hurt yourself when using a dull knife.

Make your kitchen easier to cook in with these kitchen tools. They not only provide functionality but also make your working area look chic and smart.

Guest blogger: Divya

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