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Organic attire

You are seeing the word ‘organic’ almost everywhere you go. It’s the most crowded corner at super markets and farm markets. Beauty and cosmetic products are raving about the amazing results that organic ingredients can have on your skin. So, why not try out some organic clothing too.

Organic clothing is available for almost any kind of garment or attire that you need. For instance, Patagonia has a range of cool and chic organic jeans. Unlike other dark-washed jeans, organic jeans are made from vegetable and natural dyes. Hence, there are no harmful toxins being drained into the oceans or seas.

Similarly, you can pick from a line of vibrant and comfortable organic shirts. These shirts are made from yarn, which is grown organically rather than using pesticides or chemical fertilizers. These fabrics are also printed using eco-friendly techniques.

Those who have sensitive skin can pick organic camisoles too. The camisole is the first garment to be in contact with your skin. So, it is vital to choose one that is skin-friendly. Organic camisoles don’t cause allergic reactions or rashes as they are made from pure cotton.

Here are some reasons for choosing organic clothing-

  • First of all, organic clothing is not more expensive than regular garments. Most of the times, it’s cheaper
  • Organic clothing is not the same as recycled clothing
  • Organic clothing eliminates risks of allergic reactions caused due to rough fabrics or harsh chemical dyes
  • They are ideal for babies and kids as their skin is very soft and sensitive

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