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Widescreen Plasma HDTV

Gone are the days of large televisions that fill the entire room and make your place look cluttered! Compact and organized décor is the fad for a contemporary style. Most electronics tend to be slim and compact, like flat screen televisions, which fit perfectly into this type of interior design look. The size of a television depends on the viewing space you have available for it. If your room is big, then a small TV will not look good and vice versa.

A good plasma television is the most convenient TV to save space and enjoy watching your shows in high definition. Here’s a quick and easy formula to figure out the approximate screen size for your room: the distance between your seat and the screen should be three times the screen size. For example, if you plan to sit eight feet away (ninety six inches), then you should find a screen that’s about thirty two inches.

Whatever the distance you sit away from the TV or the size of its screen, these flat screen TVs are not more than four inches in thickness. This is great because you can fix it to the wall or find a sturdy stand to attach it to.

The size of these widescreen plasma hdtv televisions save space, especially compared to the old TVs that were huge black boxes dominating your living room. More and more consumers are purchasing flat screen plasma, LCD, and LED TVs because then they don’t have to worry about it taking up all the space in their living room. It also eliminates the need for a stand, because you can mount it on the wall. If you prefer a stand, you can certainly still get one.

Entertain your guests with modern technology that is slim enough to fit any room.

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