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Hunting during the winter is not only a sport but a means of survival. Some men hunt for the thrill of the sport and others hunt to put food on the table during the long winter months. No matter what the reason for hunting is there are some basic hunting supplies that every hunter will need. Having the right hunting and fishing gear will provide better results along with a easton team gear bag. Hunters will also need camping and food supplies for those overnight hunting trips.

Hunting and Fishing Gear

The first and most obvious piece of hunting and fishing gear is a gun or fishing pole. The type of gun or fishing pole will depend on the type of hunting and fishing you are doing. If you are hunting during the winter you will need warm clothes. Camo jackets are popular among hunters because the animals are less likely to spot the hunter. The camo jackets also protect your body from the elements of rain, wind, snow and UV rays. If you are hunting during the winter you will also want to purchase footwear that will keep your feet dry.

Camping and Food

Camping and food go hand in hand and you should always have an adequate supply for food if you are camping. You can pick up dehydrated food at must hunting supply stores. Having enough food with you while hunting is extremely important. If you were to get lost in the woods having the extra food and water could be the difference between surviving and not surviving. Camping and food supplies should be the first thing you pack when going on a hunting trip. Always make sure you’re prepared to be in the elements a few more days than you plan to be out there.

Hunting Gear

All hunters need a pretty big supply of hunting gear. Deciding what you want to take with you on your hunting expedition might be hard depending on your selection of hunting gear. Some hunters hunt with guns while others use bows and crossbows. No matter what your preference all hunters will need one piece of essential hunting gear. Having a sharp hunting knife is important. Should you make a kill you will normally need to skin, gut and pack your animal. Skinning and gutting your animal will help maintain the freshness of that kill. Another popular hunting gear accessory is a handheld GPS. Having a GPS on you is a great tool to prevent getting lost. Now you need to remember to never rely solely on the GPS unit. Placing markers as you walk is an excellent way to know your way back. Bird calls, bullets, scopes, flashlights and hunting decoys are all excellent pieces of hunting gear.

Winter hunting is a popular time for hunting. Make sure to put safety at the top of your list when you are out hunting. There are hunting accidents every year because people do not follow basic safety precautions. If you are going to hunt in a secluded area try to use the buddy system. It is always safer to hunt with someone else than it is to hunt alone. The same goes with fishing, if you are going to do any deep sea fishing try to go with someone else. You should always inform loved ones of where you are going and when you are expected to return.

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