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zhu zhu pets

Zhu zhu pets are the latest range of motorized toys to catch the fancy of children. They’re disappearing off the shelves and make for wonderful gifts for children this festive season. There are around nine different characters like Num Nums, Scoodles, Winkie, Patches, Chunk and Nugget among others. Each one has a distinct personality of its own and comes with unique sounds.

The Zhu zhu pets are available as interactive toy pets or as playsets and games. Parents love them as they come accompanied by all the fun but not the mess. Imagine the mess real hamster leave behind! Zhu zhu pets hamsters don’t bite and don’t die on you like the real ones. And they’re awake the whole day and night unlike the real hamsters that are nocturnal creatures.

The zhu zhu pets games come with accessories like the Hamster fun house, skateboard and U-Turn ramp, garage and car, pet carrier, pet bed and blanket, zhu zhu princess castle, carriage and outfits and others to make it a real hamster-owning experience for children. The accessories can be attached together for a game to watch the zhu zhu pets hamsters moving around in their space.

Children can build a hamster city and dress up the hamsters in royal outfits like ball dresses and use the carriage to move around. The zhu zhu pets can be put into two or three modes like sleep mode, nurturing mode or adventure mode. Children love to play hide and seek by dividing themselves into two teams with a hamster for each child.

Children come into their own while playing with the zhu zhu pets as it encourages independent thinking and improves reasoning skills and teaches them how to take care of pets.

Get these perfectly adorable toys for children this season and see their faces light up.

While you’re at it check out a zhu zhu pets bed.

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