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When we run, jog or workout our muscles get strained or injured due to obstacles we face. Hence, the use of an athletic tape becomes very essential to support the joints or weak muscles when playing sports or during exercising.  Athletic tape stabilizes the weak muscles, ankles, wrists and other body parts and also prevents further injuries.  If you are an athlete or an ordinary person who runs or workouts daily, then an athletic tape is a must have accessory for you. Wondering how to use an athletic tape? No worries! Here is the help on how to apply athletics tape:

Athletic tapes come in different varieties and sizes. Always use tapes made of cotton. Cotton prevents accumulation of moisture and allows your skin to breathe, making it infection free. Athletic tapes are also available in adhesive and non adhesive types; which ever tape you use make sure that you use it correctly.

For example: If your ankle is injured, then wrap your ankle slowly with an athletic tape. Before you start wrapping, split the tape in to two pieces and also make sure that your ankle is in resting position. This is very simple; hence you can do it by yourself or take the help of your friend.

Use leukotape for knee and shoulder related pains. This tape is latex free and its adhesive contains a dry natural rubber. This tape gives great relief from joint pains and helps in proper and free movement of your muscles.  A zinc oxide tape is great one to use on the areas prone to blisters.  These tapes are very useful for long distance runners, basket ball and foot ball players, as they more prone to blisters. Zinc oxide tapes usually come in white and brown colors. These tapes protect feet from injuries and are also applied directly on wounds.

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