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Storage space is a prime concern in every home. Bathrooms tend to have the smallest area (unless you’re lucky enough to be using a master bathroom complete with a bathtub.) With such limited space, it’s important to have things like space savers that store your bathroom items and give you more space. Whether you set up your storage system in an under sink cabinet or in the empty space above your toilet, you should give yourself plenty of drawers and separate storage places for your items.

Bathroom space savers help make space in even the smallest bathroom. There are different types of space savers, including: vanities, storage cabinets, storage hutches, medicine cabinets, shelves and more. Wherever there is extra space, try to make use of it by adding some sort of space saver.

Above-the-toilet storage is a great way to save space in your bathroom. The empty area above a toilet is often left unused. Instead, use it for decoration or to expand the storage space with shelves or a hutch. Choose from various sizes, colors and styles to find the right storage unit where you can keep everything you need. These are great functional units and cost effective too.

Bathroom cabinets can be used to store all your toiletries, rather than spreading them all around the counter. These cabinets are designed with many drawers and compartments that offer a lot of storage space. Dividers in the drawers will help you store your items in an organized manner. Use cabinets to stop taking up all the counter space, especially if you share a bathroom.

You can use space savers in rooms besides just the bathroom. For example, a lot of kitchens have hutches in them to store dishes and kitchen appliances. In spite of limited space, you can still make room with intelligent furniture and space savers!

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