Car seat stroller or bassinet stroller


Getting a stroller is one of the most important decisions parents make when they first learn of their new addition. There are so many things to consider when it comes to picking a stroller. What is your lifestyle like? Are you the type to take your child running or hiking with you? Will the child be driven around a lot or be at home? Two popular options are a bassinet stroller and a car seat stroller.

A bassinet stroller is essentially a stroller with a detachable bassinet on top. The bassinet bed can cocoon the baby as it sleeps which may help the baby feel more comfortable and cozy as they rest. If you are a household without a lot of room or the baby is staying in the room with you, the bassinet is ideal because it doesn’t take a lot of space. Another reason the bassinet stroller is great is because you don’t have to wake the baby in order to put them in their stroller, you can just put the bassinet onto the stroller and go on about your day. However, if you have to take a lot of car rides with the baby, a bassinet stroller may not be ideal.

That’s where the car seat stroller comes in. The car seat stroller allows you to turn your infant car seat into a stroller (like the Graco car seat stroller pictured above). This design has the same benefit of the bassinet stroller, meaning you don’t have to wake your baby when you take them to the car or for a walk. Another benefit of having a car seat stroller is that the car seat can be used with the baby for a longer amount of time than the bassinet.

And some companies create other products that can be used with their car seats, like Graco (pictured above). In addition to making a stroller that works with their car seats, they also created the Graco SnugGlider. The SnugGlider allows you to turn your car seat into a swing which can be helpful when your baby needs soothing.

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