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Does your children’s Christmas list to Santa include a puppy or dog? Is this the Christmas where your kid’s dreams of having a dog are going to come true? Are you excited to see their little faces light up when they realize that there is a puppy or dog waiting for them under the tree? If one of the reasons you have been holding off on a dog is because you have young children that might mistake the puppy toys as their own. Then here are three great toys that are fun for your dog or puppy but safe for your children as well as some helpful information for first time dog owners.

When purchasing dog toys, try to avoid toys that have plastic or rubber parts that could easily be digested if torn off. Toys like the Dog soft toy and the Booda dog toy are not only enticing to dogs but they also free of plastic or parts that could easily be torn off and left behind for your child to eat. I would caution you though with stuffed animal dog toys as they usually have beaded eyes. Check them regularly to insure that the eyes are not loose. Better yet, you could always remove the eyes and take a Sharpe and draw in eyes where they use to be. That way you removed the potentially hazardous parts and still keep the toy looking “normal.”

If you are a new pet owner you should read books on intruding a dog into your family especially if you have young kids. There are certain breeds that are recommended if you have smaller children. Do your research before you get a dog.  You should also base your dog selection on the type of lifestyle that you lead. Here are a couple of key points to take into consideration when choosing a dog:

Energy level – you should select a dog that matches your families energy level. If you don’t like to do outdoor activities or are not able to walk your dog on the regular then you should not get a herding dog. If the dog has no way to release its energy then you run the risk of them knocking over your child in excitement.

Size- while small dogs are super cute, they tend to be more fragile than average sized dogs and when you have young children that’s something to think about. While pulling on a labs tail might not be a big deal, pulling on a Yorkies could really hurt them.

Temperament- you might be thinking of course this is a given, but you need to be careful with breeds that are considered to be dominant. You don’t want to have to challenge your dog for your position as head of the house hold. This can also be dangerous for little children. If they become protective over the child any outsider could be viewed as a threat even when they are not.

Some key points to remember when surprising you children with a puppy or dog are make sure that you are armed with the knowledge of the breed that you are getting, find toys like Hartz dog toy that are safe for small children and have your camera ready! You are going to want to remember this Christmas for the rest of your life. Dogs can bring so much joy not just to the family but to the children as well. A dog can help teach child responsibility, compassion and accountability. Enjoy this Christmas and the smiles that will be on your children’s faces when they figure out what’s under the tree.


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