Creating a nativity scene that fits your family


nativity stable, wooden nativity set

For some people nativity scenes are part of their Christmas tradition. There are a wide variety of styles and looks to choose from. If you have been interested in creating your own nativity scene but never had the time or knowhow, then here is a great little how-to-guide to get you started. Making your own nativity scene is also a great family project. You can intertwine family fun with what Christmas is really about, the joy of spending time with each other and being thankful for what you have.

When creating your nativity scene you need to think about what material you want to make it out of. Chances are you are just going to be making the nativity stable unless you are super ambitious and are going to make or create your own figurines. If you are not so much interested in handcrafting your own pieces you can always pick and choose from different materials. Traditionally there is a wooden nativity stable followed by the main people and sometimes a couple of livestock figurines.

Once you have figured out what kind of material you want to use to create your stable out of you can create it to whatever scale you want. Selecting the type of wood is the key to creating the look and feel you are going for. So whether you want it to look weather beaten and old or have a more clean, fresh look choose your wood with that in mind. A wooden nativity set is popular with a lot of people but they also have more modern ones made out of porcelain. So whether you want to make your own nativity scene or start collecting pieces from different sets, mixing and matching to create your own unique scene to pass down to future generation’s one this is for sure you will have a family heirloom that is priceless and will be treasured for future generations to come.


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