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Having a kid in tow can be stressful. The problem usually arises when you have to go out to a busy public place and you don’t have a nanny. Your kid will be tempted to run around their new surroundings, throw a fit, or worse. You never know what they’ll get into. Or, you could keep your kids entertained with something like a Digital Labs portable TV as a distraction, so they don’t get into trouble. Here are a few tips that will help you keep your kid from crying or fussing when you are out at a store or restaurant:

  • The best thing to do is bring along a few of their toys that would not disturb anyone around you. This way your kids can keep themselves busy and you can do what you went there to do. Just make sure that the toy is not a noise-maker, because that’s just as bad as a child making noises.
  • TV is something every kid enjoys. Carrying your TV around is impossible, but you can easily carry along a portable TV. This way your kids can view all their favorite cartoons to keep themselves occupied.
  • Plan to go someplace where you would have to spend hours and don’t like your kid using electronic media to be entertained? Then you can bring a book which your kid would be interested in.
  • If you think a portable TV is slightly too expensive, then you could buy a portable DVD player instead. Have a few of your kid’s favorite DVDs so you can carry on with your work without interruption.

Going out once in a while with your kid can be stressful, but with the right accessories you can keep them from fussing for hours.

Guest blogger: Anil

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