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With each passing day, electronics are not only getting more advanced but are getting smaller as well. The shrinking of electronics comes as no surprise, because people love portability. Pocket electronics are extremely small and have great functionality, like the popular Jazz camcorder. Here are some handy pocket electronics that more and more people are getting into.

Compact digital cameras

Pocket cameras (a.k.a. compact digital cameras or point and shoot cameras) are one of the handiest electronics that you will find nowadays. They’re extremely small and will easily fit into your pocket. They may not have the quality that Single Lens Reflex (SLR) cameras have, but they will provide you with great picture quality for such a small gadget. The Canon Powershot SD1400 is one of the best compact digital cameras around. This little device even has HD video recording.

Compact camcorders

If you prefer videos over pictures, then you should get yourself a pocket camcorder. It’s more convenient on a vacation to have a camcorder that fits into your pocket, rather than one that’s big and bulky. They are not only convenient to carry around but also pretty easy to use as well. The Flip ultra HD camcorders are some of the best, because they are both extremely compact and provide you with HD video recording. Another popular choice are the Jazz camcorders, which are not HD quality but are also not as expensive as the HD compact camcorders.

MP3 players

If you love listening to music on the go then you should get yourself a good compact MP3 player. MP3 players like the iPod touch or the Zune HD are undoubtedly the best ones available. If you’re looking for an ultra compact MP3 player, then the iPod shuffle or the 4th generation iPod Nano would be your best bet. These electronics are extremely small and convenient to carry around.

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