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Have you have found yourself in the middle of nowhere or far away from where you were supposed to be? Well I most certainly have and it wasn’t very memorable! Being bad at directions is not something to be ashamed about, but getting lost is something that could get you into a lot of trouble! So for those of you who are bad at directions a GPS device is an absolute must. Presently there are three major brands of GPS devices. They are TomTom, Garmin and Magellan. Let us take a look at the GPS devices provided by each one of them.

Garmin GPS navigation devices and services are very well known for their adaptability and versatility. Their handheld and automobile GPS navigation devices are the most user friendly navigation devices available. They automobile GPS navigation systems are usually known as the Garmin Nuvi. These devices are not only popular in America but also in Western Europe. The Garmin 4208 is not only an amazing and powerful GPS device but also an entertainment center. This navigation system has a high resolution 4.3 inch touch screen display which is very simple to use. This device is extremely thin and lightweight. It will allow you to carry it in your pocket or handbag. Due to its versatile nature it is used mostly by those on long trips which involve driving, hiking, camping, and trekking.

TomTom is probably the most known among the GPS services and devices. They started way back in 1991. They have several navigation products for automobiles and motorcycles which will make life a whole lot easier when you travel. The automobile navigation for TomTom is very easy to use and feature rich. The automobile navigation product for TomTom is called the TomTom One. They are not very expensive and they will ensure that you do not get lost on your journeys. In the TomTom One series the TomTom One 140 GPS navigation system is one of the most cost effective ones you can get. This GPS device has a bright 3.5 inch display which would make it easy to view. It also has voice directions which will keep on the right track without taking your eyes of it.

Magellan Navigation is the oldest among the three. They have been known for providing us with sophisticated and powerful GPS navigation devices. The Magellan Roadmate GPS car navigation devices are one of the best ones out there. The Magellan 1440 is a perfect example of how good Magellan navigation actually is. Sure the instruction manual that comes with it might not be very helpful but the voice assisted user interface is what will guide you through. This GPS navigation device is also pretty simple to program and inputting directions is a breeze. This GPS device may be on the expensive but it is worth every penny.

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