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Basketball is probably the most watched sport throughout the world, following football or soccer. The NBA seems to have popularized this sport even further and it’s the renowned superstars who have presented the game with a form, which is utilized, around the world. The following article will examine how Nike Elite basketball socks have can increase a player’s performance on the court.

Nike is one of the first names in sports footwear and for many years Nike basketball shoes continuously inspire athletes of any level to push to the limit in order run faster and jump higher to beat their opponents. So regardless of whether you are participating in running, tennis or basketball, Nike offers you the most modern, stylish shoes and socks to help release your genuine athletic potential.

Benefits of wearing Nike Elite Basketball Socks

You can keep your feet dry and cool while on or off the court when you are wearing Nike Elite Basketball Socks. It is possible to jump, run and walk with confidence and comfort in these basketball socks, which feature top-quality sweat-wicking material and cushioning so you can get one step ahead of your competitors. Whether you are setting up a quick break, cruising down the court or cutting inside for a lay-up, it is possible to rely on your Nike Elite Basketball Socks to get a non-slip fit, which can cushion your feet and keep them dry during and after the game.

Some of the features of this basketball socks include:

  • Cushioning for Achilles and ankle
  • Mid-foot Compression Fit which can help keep cushioning and socks in position and minimizes bunching
  • Dri-FIT fabric draws out moisture to keep feet comfortable, dry and cool.
  • Footstrike padding
  • Anatomical fit exactly to right and left feet to give superior cushioning and fit.
  • Clearly outlined design is closely lined up to pressure points on the feet.
  • Polyester 63%; nylon 18%; cotton 16%, Lycra 3%

Generally, basketball socks are ankle length even though several players will wear the crew length types. However in contrast to football in which calf length and tube socks will be the preferred choice, basketball socks tend to be sufficient as an ankle length. Overall, basketball socks will support the ankle very well, which is necessary based on the twists and turns throughout the game. You definitely should invest in one of the Nike Elite Basketball socks and give your feet a chance to breathe properly. Provide the best ankle support possible by wearing quality basketball shoes, such as Converse athletic basketball shoes.

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