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This winter don’t go cold feet or blue. Choose a proper pair of socks that will not only keep you warm but also provide you with the fashionable edge!

Socks compliment your footwear, to a large extent. You can wear a nylon pair of socks over a cotton pair, when wearing high heeled boots. This will not only keep your feet protected from the cold but also provide the insulation within. Winter socks are mostly made of warm fabrics such as, wool and are worn over socks made of cotton. This is will help in the absorption of sweat and allow your feet to breath.

Keep yourself fashionable with various trendy winter socks. Some of them are:

Non slip socks: Non-slip socks are apt for the winters because they will prevent the socks from falling. They help the feet to be warm and do not fall off because of the moisture accumulation. These socks are available in various styles and colors to choose from.

Toe socks: Many feel that toe socks are uncomfortable deal it’s something you simply get used to and even come to enjoy. These socks are designed to provide compartments for the toes, so that they can move freely. During the winters, the toe socks keep your feet warmer than the other socks.

Knee socks: Knee socks are designed to cover both your legs and feet, till the knee and they are mostly made of nylon. So, you can wear them over your cotton socks during the winters and keep your feet warm and free from perspiration.

Sporty socks: If you’re planning an outdoor adventure, Smart wool socks are an excellent choice whether your choice of sport is hiking, skiing, running, or cycling.  Another great brand for your sporting needs are Wigmam socks, which produce pairs for men, women, and children.

All the above sock variants are not only great for the winters, to keep your feet warm and dry but also are fashionable at the same time too. You can wear these socks in different ways to add-on to your attire and look funky!

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