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Leggings are a great way to layer up. For all of you who have a sky-high mini skirt in your wardrobe that you wouldn’t dare wearing by itself, just wear a pair thick opaque leggings and suddenly you’ll be applauded for your sense of style! However, to avoid a fashion faux pas there are certain guidelines that you should abide by when you wear leggings.

  • Wear long tops, mini skirts, short dresses the hemline of which reach your thigh. This is especially true for those on the heavier side. Anything shorter and you risk showing your anatomy and panty line to the world!
  • Solid colored leggings in dark hues make you look slimmer and taller. If you wear patterned leggings, petites should opt for small prints whilst ladies who are plus size should pick larger designs.
  • Avoid wearing tight tops or shirts with leggings unless you are using them for layering.
  • Pedal pusher leggings end below the knee and are ideal for tall and slender women, as they have a tendency to make you look shorter.
  • Leggings can be worn for myriad occasions based on its material and what it is teamed up with.

For work: Wear a pair of black opaque matte leggings with a knit cardigan or blazer over a long shirt worn. Alternatively you could pair it with a short formal looking dress. Accessorize with a chunky necklace, bracelet and flats.

For a casual day: For a relaxed look whilst hanging out with friends; an oversized tee or sweater, a short dress, a long tunic, a mini skirt; just about anything will complement stretch denim leggings. Show how gregarious you are by dressing in bright patterned leggings and solid hued tops. Use your imagination and incorporate berets, scarves, boots, belts and jewelry to create a cohesive feel. Leggings are also perfect for exercising or working out.Zippered leggings

For a party: Experiment with different types of leggings such as sheer, lace, metallic, animal print, shimmer wet look, and leather leggings. Embellishments such as zippers, beads and trimmings can enhance the appeal of the outfit.

Now that you have an idea of when, where and how to wear leggings, have a blast mixing and matching different clothing in your wardrobe to create fresh new looks each time you venture out.

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