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Proteins should account for at least 15-35% of one’s daily food intake. Proteins are basically compounds made up of 20 amino acids that the body needs to provide energy. Normally, the body gets its protein quotient from food items like meat and dairy products, especially fish, chicken and hamburger, eggs, soy milk, tofu and lentils. While some amino acids are produced by the body, there are other amino acids that cannot be produced by the body and are called ‘Essential amino acids’. They have to be included in the diet in the form of supplements like a protein formula such as Pro 5 protein powder and others. Pro 5 protein powder is easy to digest and has no preservatives.

While deciding on the amount of proteins for your body, you should understand that too much or too less is a bad thing. Too much protein can put stress on the kidneys and liver as they try to get rid of the extra protein. Protein powders or shakes are a good supplement. What you should look for in a good protein powder is something that increases lean muscle and decreases body fat. Get a protein powder that tastes good and has a balance of proteins, carbohydrates and fat. If you like a fruity tang to your protein shakes, try the Pro 5 protein powder orange, strawberry or banana flavors or you get them in chocolate and vanilla flavors.

A protein rich diet along with all the other vital nutrients when coupled with exercise can make your muscles strong and body fit. An Ironman elliptical is a great exercise machine and ideal to get in shape. The Ironman elliptical is a sophisticated machine that comes attached with software that helps you keep in with your workout goals and in addition monitors your heart rate to tell you how many calories you have burnt.

Go on a protein rich diet this winter along with other nutrients and keep fit.

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