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Dental hygiene is very vital in maintaining good general health. Taking proper dental care will not just brighten up your lovely smile, but also reduces the presence of bacteria in your mouth and improves your overall immunity. Unfortunately oral health is given least priority in many countries. Tooth decay has become the most common and persisting dental problem in United States.

I still remember my schooling days where all the students were taken to dental checkup once in every six months. Two dentists from a nearby dental institute used to come to my school and educate all of us about dental health and importance dental hygiene. Here are a few important tips on how to improve ones dental health:

First and foremost thing is to brush your teeth atleast twice a day. Make sure you use a good tooth brush like sonicare toothbrush. Invented by a team of periodontists, this toothbrush removes surface stains on your teeth and whitens your teeth. Also this tooth brush improves your gum health.

When my dentist advised me to use an electric brush, I made a thorough search on Internet and finally  bought Phillips sonicare flexcare toothbrush. This slim electric brush is recommended by most dentists and it gives a very fresh and clean feeling each time after I brush my teeth. With its dynamic cleaning action it drives fluid between teeth and gum line, and make gums stronger and healthier.

Like an ordinary tooth brush, you should also replace your sonicare head for every three months. So when you buy a sonicare toothbrush, you also purchase some sonicare toothbrush heads. You can easily remove the old head and fix the new one.

Use a safe and natural mouth wash after you brush. This eliminates bad breath and keeps your breath fresh for longer hours. Finally, visit you dentist for every six months. Regular dental checkups will help you know the true condition of your teeth and gums. This will help in preventing cavities and other gum diseases.

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