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Cleaning up as you go is easier said than done. Washing dishes immediately after a meal, clearing out old newspapers every week, picking up the clothes in your room, scrubbing and wiping the bathroom regularly – all these can save heavy cleaning jobs later. One way to keep up with cleaning chores is to have a cleaning to-do list. You can set one up for a daily, weekly, or monthly basis and keep ticking off jobs that have been completed. My favorite item for regular, light cleaning is the upright carpet cleaner.

Keep a cleaning kit assembled and handy, so you don’t have to look for it when you’re in clean-up mode. A vacuum cleaner, all-purpose cleaners, microfiber cloths like Swiffer Max, baking soda, gloves, sponges, scrubbers and stain-removers kept ready can make cleaning chores less tiresome. Swiffer Max cloths and sweepers are handy to clean the kitchen or the bathroom quickly. They are highly absorbent, disposable and are larger than the average cleaning cloths, so cleaning takes lesser time.

Wiping tables, counters, oven or the sink with the regular Swiffer Wet Cloths in the kitchen leaves them clean and shining. Make sure you have plenty of Swiffer refills, because they’re convenient to wipe floor surfaces like wood, vinyl tiled, ceramic and cleans out dust from behind doors and other crevices. Since they are available individually or in packs of six, you can stock up on these must-have items to make your cleaning chores easy.

A quick swipe with the Swiffer dusters removes surface dust from furniture, sofas, beds or any open surface. The cloths have an electrostatic charge feature that attracts dust, dirt and hair from surfaces to leave it clean, dust and dirt-free. They’re better than feather dusters since Swiffer dusters trap dust; plus, you’ll never have to pick up feathers after a quick dusting.

Make your cleaning job easier by keeping up with it regularly.

Guest blogger: Jayashri

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