Top 10 Christmas Toys for 2010


Hot 2010 Christmas Toys for both girls and boys

Worried about what you’re going to get the kids in your family for Christmas this year? Don’t want to have to fall back on the old socks or clothing gift ideas.  Looking to get a, “gee thanks mom, you’re the coolest,” or “wow, look what Grandma and Grandpa got me,” kind of reaction. Then check out this Top 10 Christmas Toys for 2010 and you can make sure you make the cool list this Christmas.

1. LeapFrog Leapster

I am sure you have heard of LeapFrog Leapster even if you don’t have children or have any children close to you. If you’re looking to get a great gift that is not only fun but has educational value, then this is it. If the child you have in mind already owns a LeapFrog, then you can buy him or her some new and exciting new games like iQuest.

2. Pillow Pets

Pillow Pets are a fun and cuddly toy that not only are cute to look at but are great pillows as well. They come in all kinds of animal replicas allowing for you to choose and find the right one that little someone will love.

3. Zhu Zhu Pets

The Zhu zhu pets are according to many sources the toy of the year. They have everything that kids love. They are small, cute, furry, and they interact with its user. They originally started out as hamsters but quickly expanded to other furry little creatures. They also have all kinds of accessories that go with these cute little toys.

4. Cuponk!

Cuponk is a great, inexpensive, and fun game that allows a group of children to get in on the fun. The idea is to get the ball in the cup, once it hits the cup the cup lights up, if you miss then it’s the next persons turn. You can start of easy and progressively make it harder and harder to try to get the ball in the cup through various obstacles.

5. LEGO Games Minotaurus

Minotaurus is a creature which LEGO decided to create a game around which is ever changing depending on how you feel like playing that day. It’s not only a cool kids game but it’s a game the whole family can play.

6. Silly Bandz

These Silly Bandz are the latest craze in kid accessories. What first started out as a little kids bracelet has now evolved into older kids, and teen must-haves. The great thing about these little bracelets is that they come in all different colors, themes, animals or pretty much whatever you can think of. They even come in glow in the dark. These are a great gift if you have lots of kids to buy for in your family.

7. Disney Princess Dolls

If you have a little girl that you are buying for then chances are she has a favorite Disney princess. If you get her anything relating to her favorite Disney princess then you will be a hit.

8. Fisher Price Kid Tough Digital Camera

Are you looking to give a unique gift this Christmas? A Fisher price kid tough digital camera is a great gift to give because it’s meant for children and allows them to explore their creative side.

9. Lego Star Wars Sets

Ok so if you are a Star Wars lover then you might want to get this for yourself. If you know a kid who loves Star Wars and does not have this Lego set then this is the gift for them.

10. Stomp Rocket

This is a pretty cool toy. What kid does not love shooting things far and high up into the air? The stomp rocket is a safe way to do so seeing as the rocket is made out of foam. But you still might not want them playing this is certain rooms in the house where there are breakables because these babies do fly.

Hopefully this Top 10 list helps point you in the right direction to getting those perfect children’s gifts. That way you not only save time by taking most of the guess work out, but you also get them cool gifts. I hope that this holiday season you can take a little more time to enjoy the holiday cheer rather than frantically trying to pick out the right gifts. If you have any other great must have kids Christmas gifts feel free to comment below. Happy holidays!


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