Top 20 Christmas gifts for the home


It’s no secret that this is the time of year when shopping malls and stores become filled with holiday shoppers galore. If you are like so many fellow shoppers and have no clue what to buy for the people on your list then hopefully this shopping guide will help. Have a picky person on your list?  Then why not get them a gift that they can use in or around the home.  Hopefully this Top 20 Christmas gifts for the home will help you avoid getting caught up in the holiday shopping undertow, and the madness that holiday shopping brings each year. That way you can soak up all the lovely holiday spirit without having to wrack your brain for gift ideas.

1. Inflatable  bed

This is a great gift to give anyone because you never know who is going to drop by on a moment’s notice. That way if you need extra sleeping space you can just bust out your inflatable bed and you have room for one or two more people.

2. Coleman RoadTrip grill

If you are struggling to find that gift for that someone in your life that loves the outdoors and camping then this could be the gift for them. It’s also great for sports fanatics that love to tailgate or for barbecuing at t-ball games or soccer games.

3. Indoor outdoor thermometer

Do you have a dad that has everything, or loves gadgets? If he does not have an indoor/outdoor thermometer then this is a great gift to give. There are different styles and models allowing you the option to choose the right one for whomever you are buying for.

4. Aqua globes

Does someone on your list love to garden or has plants all around the house and backyard? Aqua globes are great gifts to give to someone who loves to garden. They are perfect because they are not only decorative and come in a bunch of colors but they also are practical. They also dispense the right of water each day needed to keep the plants happy and healthy. They come in different sizes for different sized potted plants.

5. Snuggie

Snuggies are a great gift to give just about anyone who loves soft fleece and enjoys lounging around. They are great because they not only keep you warm like a blanket does but they also keep your arms and shoulders warm while still allowing you mobility with your arms to either read, change channels or eat popcorn.

6. Magna cart

While a magna cart is not the most glamorous gift to give it is very useful and practical especially for a grandparent who might need to move things around like recycling bins, heavy boxes, or whatever else they might need to lift..

7. Shark stam cleaner

A steam cleaner is a great thing to have when you’re in a rush but don’t have time to iron that wrinkled shirt. It’s one of those items that if you have you will always find a use for but if you have never used one you don’t really think you are missing out.  It’s also great for the business traveler in your life.

8. Outdoor fireplaces

Outdoor fireplaces are so nice to have because they add so much character to your backyard. It’s also a great gift to give if you know someone who is looking to add a certain something to their backyard, or a new home owner.

9. Electric towel warme

This is an amazing gadget to give your sister, mother, wife, or anyone you know who likes having warm towels. I can’t get over how cool this really is. There is nothing better than a warm towel waiting for you to get out of the shower, especially during the winter.

10. Lasko Ceramic Heater

If you know someone who is always cold, or someone who lives in a dorm then this would be a great gift to give. It’s small enough to fit almost anywhere but still packs a punch when you need to get the chill out of a room.

11. Slow Cooker

Slow cookers are amazing. I think everyone should have one. If you know someone who is on the go a lot or someone who is not the best cook then this is a great gift to give. You put all your ingredients in it the night before or day of and you just choose what setting you want and boom, you’re done. Come back in a few hours or after work and you have diner waiting.

12. Electric wine opener

Do you have a wine connoisseur in your life? Or perhaps you know someone who has troubling opening wine bottles up, either because of age or lack of hand eye coordination. Then this is a gift that they will get lots of use out of. Nothing is more frustrating the breaking the cork off or getting it stuck in the neck of the wine bottle.

13. Food dehydrator

These are great for someone who loves to make or eat jerky and would be a great gift for a hunter. They are also great for making your own fruit snacks and things like that.

14. Cuisinart griddler

A griddler is a multifunctional kitchen accessories lot of different uses. You can turn it into a contact grill, an open grill, panini press and of course a griddle. But maybe is most important function is that it’s designed to drain grease and allow its owner to cooker healthier food.

15. Delonghi espresso maker

If you know someone who loves espresso maker and still does not have one then this is a gift that they will love. You can get the same great taste that the coffee shops offer all in the comfort of your own home.

16. Belgian waffle maker

This is a lovely gift to give someone who has kids. Waffle makers are not only convenient when you need to cook breakfast but also are easy to use. The good thing about them is that there is no flipping involved only making perfect waffles ever time.

17. Whirley pop popcorn popper

Do you have a movie lover on your list? Want to get them something different then DVD’s? A popcorn popper is a novel idea then. It’s not only great for recreating movie theater style popcorn but also adds the feel of the movie theater to your own home.

18. Pizzazz pizza oven

This is an amazing little gadget and is ideal for the pizza lover in your life. The Pizzazz pizza oven makes creating warm, perfectly cooked pizza a breeze. This oven allows you to cook the pizza evenly while not burning the edges while leaving the middle uncooked.

19. Egg-and-Muffin 2-Slice Toaster and Egg Poacher

This is one of the coolest gifts on this list. This little gadget allows you to not only toast an English muffin or toast but also allows you to cook eggs! If you know someone who loves breakfast but might not have the time every morning to whip up eggs then you will be a hit with them by giving them this gift. In fact you might find this ends up on your Christmas list.

20. Breville juice fountain

It’s hard to beat the taste of freshly squeezed juice. With a the Breville juice fountain you can create whatever flavor of juice you desire allowing you to not only have a constant supply of juice but to create your one blends and mixes.

Now that you have read this top 20 gifts for the home hopefully you can knock off a couple of the people on your list. If you have any other great gift ideas for the fellow home lover feel free to comment below.  Hopefully the stress of finding the perfect Christmas gifts won’t be as bad this year allowing you to enjoy and send more time soaking up holiday cheer.


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