Top 20 Gifts for the men in your life


There are a few guaranteed gifts when it comes to pleasing the men in your life. Some that jump to mind are video games, stuff for their car and electronic gadgets. If you’ve tired those items to death for the last 10 years of birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas gifts, here are some new ideas and products to try. These gifts will cover all their needs, from clothing, entertainment to home accessories.

1. Clean, sexy and refreshing, this popular cologne is worn by only the most suave guys. The Acqua Di Gio By Giorgio Armani For Men is the brand’s most popular scent and has been that way since I first caught a whiff of it in high school worn by my first boyfriend. And while the boyfriend is long gone, the scent of the cologne still reminds me of the good times.

2. There is nothing more disgusting than overgrown nose or ear hair. It just screams old man and celibacy. Make sure the men you care don’t have to go through this embarrassing look with the Panasonic ER430K Vacuum Nose/Ear Hair Trimmer. Compact and simple, it’ll take all but 3 minutes to give him back his respect.

3. Dull, yellow teeth are not attractive. Banish those stains with Crest 3D White Whitestrips Whitening Kit, so simple to use, your man might be smiling brighter than you. With 20 strips in one pack, you can sneak out a couple to use on yourself.

4. Although engineers haven’t developed ice-cream-sundae-robots just yet, they have come up with one that will vacuum your house for you. Ideal for any coach potato in your life (yourself included) the iRobot Roomba 540 Vacuum Cleaning Robot is compact and can clean under furniture and along walls.

5. No longer will you have to wait as your man grudgingly pulls over to the nearest gas station to ask for directions. A TomTom GPS navigator gives crystal clear images and voice directions to your next destination. That means less gas and time wasted being lost. Not to mention pride.

6. Get more time in the bathroom by getting the man in your household an electronic shaver. The Panasonic ES8243A Arc IV Nano Men’s Wet/Dry Rechargeable Shaver can be used on a wet or dry face so he won’t be able to accidentally shock himself after a quick shower. A rechargeable shaver also mean no new batteries to buy.

7. Keep the mystery alive (and premature wrinkles away) with these cool-looking men’s Cole Haan aviator sunglasses. Skin isn’t the only thing that needs protecting from the sun so having a pair of sunglasses around is always a good thing. Plus the aviator style will add instant suave.

8. Even if your guy doesn’t play basketball, he’ll never turn down a pair of quality basketball shorts. Perfect for lounging around or grabbing some quick dinner, these shorts will give him the confidence he needs to get up and get going. Plus, who doesn’t want to be like Mike?

9. It shouldn’t always be up to the girls to have the soft skin, guys should give us something nice to touch too. Leave this Hempz Herbal Moisturizer on his sink to remind him to apply every time he’s done with his shower. The delicious banana smell doesn’t smell girlish so it won’t turn him (or you) off. Plus the natural ingredients will be good for his skin.

10. You won’t always be around to keep your man warm so give him a gift that will. Popular brand, The North Face fleece men’s jacket is stylish and simple, great for layering on a freezing day or to wear casually on a Fall day. The fleece material is also soft and light, perfect for everyday wear.

11. Although you don’t need another reason for him to not be listening to you, these Skullcandy agent headphones will look too cool for you to stay mad. The sleek design keeps the trendiness at a low-profile and the gold-plated plugs offers hi-fi, quality sound.

12. Men ages 16 to 60 can be rocking a pair of Chucks and it will always look cool. The black men’s Chuck Taylor Converse shoes are classics that are casual enough for everyday wear, but hip enough to be paired with a suit if you’re going for the trendy urban look.

13. Don’t make your dad carry his laptop to work in your Bloomingdale’s big brown bag another day. Instead get this Tumi laptop carrier to fulfill all your dad’s storage needs. The lightweight nylon and leather trimming is both functional and stylish. The 5-year warranty might also come in handy.

14. Whether he’s balding, short or just wants to look cool, a hat can serve many functions. The latest trend is done right with Tommy Bahamas men’s hat, in the casual Panama style. Perfect for some protection from the sun or to add some mystery to the man, this hat can be worn at almost any occasion.

15. What young boy didn’t pretend to be the captain of his own ship when he was young? Let him know he’s the captain of your ship with Nautica Eau de Toilette Spray, the brand’s best-selling scent. The crisp smell is as refreshing as an ocean breeze, guaranteed to cover your man’s last gym session (or Star Trek marathon).

16. The men’s Movado stainless steel watch is probably the most expensive way to hint at the men in your life to be on time, but it’s sure to be something they’ll want to sport on the daily. Most of the Movado watches feature a minimalistic design that is sleek, modern but always in style.

17. Keep your brother distracted all day by getting him the PS3 power and play charging system, which can charge up to four controllers in just 2.5 hours. He’ll be so engrossed in his games, he won’t even notice that you took his car out for a day trip to the beach.

18. This item goes out to all the boys and men who think it’s fashionable to have your pants pool around your feet and your underwear showing — it’s not. The Levi’s men’s logo belt is a simple and sturdy piece of leather that will keep even the baggiest pants high and tight around his waist.

19. Three things go into the professional looking business man; a nice suit, shiny shoes and a leather briefcase to hold all his cash. The Clava leather porthole briefcase is big enough to hold approximately 20 million in cash ($100 bills only) and features two clasps that will ensure not a single bill falls out.

20. If you’re life long dream is to have five blond girlfriends at the same time, take a cue from Hugh Hefner and get yourself a robe. If you just want to keep warm around the house, the Polo Ralph Lauren men’s robe is wonderfully fuzzy but still manly enough to conduct important business in, such as getting the mail and making coffee.


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