Top three natural weight gain supplements


Losing weight is the latest fad but gaining weight is important for all bodybuilders or those who want to bulk up. The best way to gain weight for building muscles is by consuming weight gain supplements. Prior to use of these supplements, one must consult a professional trainer or a gym instructor. Some of the top weight gain supplements are:

  • Flaxseed oil: This oil is polyunsaturated, having high content of Omega 3 fatty acids. This fat is vital for the body because our body is incapable of producing it. It is an EFA or essential fatty acid and required by our body. Flaxseed oil assists in the improvement of our immune system, hormones, insulin sensitivity and energy. A tablespoon of this oil will enable you to gain 120 calories for the weight gain process
  • Weight gainers: This is a protein shake and a great source of protein, like egg protein and milk. When having a weight gain diet, this product will assist you in the process. Weight gainers contain high source of carbohydrate and fructose. These supplements are great for weight gain and provides calories for the development of quality muscles
  • Mineral Pak and multi vitamin: Minerals and vitamins are essential, for effective development of muscles and weight gain. Vitamins assist in the enhancement of proteins for the chemical reactions for fat burning, production of energy and building of muscle. Minerals help the brain to receive signals that from the body, contraction of the muscle, building of bones and muscles, production of energy and fluid balance

The above are some of the most effective weight gain foods and supplements that will help in the healthy weight and muscle gain process.

Guest blogger: Maria

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