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bedroom storage space

Finding adequate storage space in a bedroom calls for some serious planning. One great idea if you want to find more storage space in your bedroom is to give away unused clothing – if you haven’t worn something in the last year, then you should consider donating it. When you do that, just make sure that you suppress the desire to replace the donated clothes with new ones. Cleaning out your closet regularly can save you heaps of storage space. But if you really don’t want to part with any of your clothes, you still have plenty of options for storing them.

Additional storage space can be created with a twin bed frame that comes with spacious drawers for your clothes. They also make these frames in full, queen and king sizes, which tend to have drawers on two or three sides of the bed. If it’s an adjustable bed frame, you can even accommodate a rolling cart that holds your extra linen or pillows that can be pushed underneath the bed. A stylish way to add storage is with a trunk or storage bench at the foot of your bed, which has plenty of space inside for whatever you want.

Apart from bed frames with storage, tall dressers come in handy if your room has limited floorspace. They take up less space than a wide dresser, and offer just as much storage in the drawers. Organizing small items of clothing like socks and storing them in plastic containers that can be pushed under your bed will give the bedroom a neat, clean look. Long, shallow plastic containers are best for under-the-bed storage. If you don’t like the idea of the plastic containers being seen, add a bed skirt.

Keep your bedroom from looking cluttered by finding creative storage spaces.

Guest blogger: Jayashri

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