What to pack on your vacation


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The purpose of going on a vacation is to relax and have fun. You are unlikely to enjoy your break to the fullest if you find that you have forgotten to pack your cell phone or the book that you meant to read during the break. To have a stress-free vacation try and anticipate the items that you will need. Here’s a rough packing list that should help you get started.

  • Visualize your activities for each day and decide on the apt clothes. Restrain yourself from packing more than one purse and two pairs of shoes that coordinate with all your clothes.Juicy couture swimdress
  • Remember to take into consideration the weather of your destination. For example, your Juicy Couture swimsuit and flip-flops are perfect for a summer beach vacation whilst a Burberry trench coat and Ugg boots are more appropriate for a winter vacation.
  • Do not forget to keep in hand essential documents such as your driving license, accommodation details and emergency contact numbers. Ensure that you carry some cash on you. You should try and make most of the payments through your credit card or traveler’s checks.Cosmetic travel bag
  • Carry travel size toiletries and cosmetics in cosmetic travel bags. A ziplock bag is very handy to put damp swimsuits, underwear, socks or any other item that you want to keep separate from the rest of your luggage.
  • If you take any medicines on a regular basis, remember to pack them and the prescription, just in case you run out of the medicines.
  • Carry the chargers for your phone and iPods, adapters for blow-dryer and batteries for your camera.

This packing list is just a rough guide of what you should pack. Preferably make a comprehensive list of all that you would require, well ahead in time. Pack at least one day before your date of journey to avoid any last minute tension.

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