Holiday redux: new ideas for your Christmas party


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During the holidays, tradition is king.  However, the old “Chestnuts roasting on an open fire” routine can get a little trite.  Why not mix is up with a Santa party, a Christmas costume party, or an ugly Christmas sweater party?  Maybe you’ll start a new Christmas tradition.

1. Christmas costume party

With Christmas around the corner, you’re probably ransacking your wardrobe hunting for something “Christmassy” enough to be worn to a holiday party.  But choosing a holiday outfit shouldn’t be as belabored a process as most people make it.  In fact, the holidays are one of the best times to resurrect your weirdest and wildest of outfits.  Throw a costume party for Christmas using some old junk in your wardrobe. Trust me, you really don’t have to spend a fortune hunting for a fun holiday costume. Mix and match what you have in your wardrobe – with a few choice new items – to recreate a new fun holiday outfit.

Or simply accessorize your hot Christmas party dress with silly accessories – for instance, wear a red and green cocktail dress and pair it with novelty Santa hats.  These fun hats come in a variety of shapes and colors. The best part?  You don’t have to worry about changing when you go party-hopping.

If you wanna go all out, some great ideas for a Halloween inspired Christmas costume are:

1. Santa

2. An elf

3. The Grinch

4. A reindeer

5. A Christmas tree

6. A nutcracker, or any characters from The Nutcracker

2. Ugly Christmas sweater party

Each year, men, women, and children innocently and un-ironically wear sweaters specifically designed for Christmas.  These sweaters are emblazoned with holiday-appropriate themes, colors, and occasionally, lights.

Take a hipster turn and make heinous a fashion statement with an ugly Christmas sweater party.  These notorious sweaters are not too difficult to find.  If you have no idea what qualifies an “ugly Christmas sweater,” just look down – you may be wearing one.  (Just kidding.)  All you need to do is google “ugly Christmas sweater.”  Spot a reindeer, candy cane, Santa Claus, or other on the sweater’s front, and you’ve got your ugly Christmas sweater.

The best part of the ugly Christmas sweater party is the resulting awkward family photos that can be cherished years later.

3. Santa Claus overload

Once a year, a magical event called SantaCon occurs in different parts across the world (the current numbers are 181 SantaCon locations in 25 countries).  In this annual event, people congregate wearing Santa Claus costumes and spreading general holiday cheer.  If people can do it on a mass scale, why not reinvent the party at home?

Make the costume your own.  I personally don’t prefer women dressing up as Santa Claus because it really hides all those gorgeous curves. Instead you can opt for the Mrs. Santa Claus costume. The Mrs. Santa outfit features a red colored dress with back zipper, apron and hat.

This costume is perfect if you will be hosting or attending a kid’s party. The apron is cute and functional – you don’t have to worry about getting kid-related spills on your dress!

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