Suave outfits for the job site


work clothes for men, red wing work boots, dickies work pants

Formal attire gives a very polished look, which helps them make a good  impression at work. However, you can’t go to a construction site wearing a suit and tie, even if you’re the on-site engineer. This is where work clothes for men come in handy. Besides the necessary construction safety gear, you have options in your work attire. If your job site is in a construction zone, it’s essential to wear comfortable and protective clothing.

Dickies work pants

Whether you are in your office or at the job site, Dickies work pants are perfect to wear. Made of high quality fabric, these pants protect you from the sun and other elements during your everyday travel. Available in different colors and styles, these pants are very comfy and perfect to wear for every day work outdoors. If you work while it’s cold outside, try the flannel-lined Dickies pants that are made to give you extra warmth.

Red Wing work boots

The right footwear is essential for construction and other industrial job sites. Work at a job site involves walking, climbing, carrying things, and working around some heavy material. So the shoes you wear must be rugged, comfortable and should provide enough safety while you perform these actions. Red Wing work boots are a great choice because they’re very tough and offer great support. Steel-toed boots are highly recommended at the job site, because you’re never sure what will fall on your foot next.

Other important work wear

Also, don’t forget to wear a thick pair of gloves along with your vest and helmet for safety; these are the must-have clothing items for a job site. Thick gloves will protect your hands as you handle material on the site. Another safety item to get is a pair of safety glasses, which will protect your eyes.

Guest blogger: Bhargavi

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