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There are numerous occasions when I have gone shopping and come across a cute little dog peeping out of its owner’s backpack pet carrier. Isn’t that such an adorable scene! Convenient travel gear are a boon to pet owners who want to take their pets along with them on short errands, trips to the vet or on a holiday to some exotic place. When you are taking a walk with your pet, you’ll only need a leash and harness. However when you want to travel to a distant place, some form of pet travel gear such as a carrier, stroller or a crate becomes essential. The travel gear that you choose would depend on the mode of travel and the size of the pet.Pen plax crate for cats

As mentioned earlier, a backpack pet carrier is perfect for carrying a small pet when you are running errands across the town, shopping or going on a hike. Some backpacks also contain a telescoping handle and wheels for greater convenience. Women have the option of carrying chic pet carrier bags. If you love cycling, and go to great distances in your bike, rather that having your dog huffing and puffing behind you, get a dog bike trailer!

Pet travel systemsThere are numerous travel accessories that could serve your purpose when you travel by car. For instance, you could restrain your pet in a crate such as the petmate dog crate or the pen plax crate for cats. This is considered to be the best way to ensure your pet’s safety during the journey. If you have a dog, the number of alternatives with regard to how you want to secure it, is greater. You could opt for a safety harness, dog car seat, hammock or an SUV pet barrier.  Comprehensive pet travel systems that easily convert from stroller to a carrier and car seat are also worth investing in.

Finally if you are traveling by air, you would need to get an airline approved crate. A point to remember is that each airline has specific criteria which have to be met for the crate to be accepted. So make sure you have done your research before you head for the airport! After all, choosing an appropriate pet travel gear will ensure that your pet is comfy during the journey.

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