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Bell Howell air purifier, Non-drowsy allergy medicine, hand wash

With a change in weather, a number of people are starting to get bothered by seasonal allergies. We all care for our family and friends, so protecting them from seasonal allergies is a must. Hay fever is a classic example of how disruptive a seasonal allergy can be. It prevents a person from enjoying an otherwise good day. There are a number of ways to protect your family from seasonal allergies:

bell and howell air purifier

Bell+Howell air purifier

Personally, I prefer to use air purifiers. Now, the key is to buy an air purifier that not just purifies the air but ionizes the air. Bell Howell air purifier is arguably the best available today. It’s virtually silent and capable of cleaning the room as big as 300 square feet. It has two speed operation – whisper silent and turbo; both of which are efficient and performance driven. Because it’s only a foot tall, it can be placed just about anywhere in your home.

Non-drowsy allergy medicine

A great option to avoid the symptoms of seasonal allergies is to use Non-drowsy allergy medicine. Again, I recommend extreme caution because people react differently to medications. I personally suggest non-drowsy allergy medicine because you’ll at least not have to worry about getting sleepy in your attempt to alleviate your allergies. Whether it’s a running nose, itchy eyes, sinus pain or nasal congestion, a good allergy medicine will make you feel normal again.

Hand wash

Seasonal allergies can also be kept at bay or lessened with eating habits. If you’re bothered by certain plants blossoming in your area, then try using honey that’s grown locally. Having a bit of local honey regularly will help prepare your body for allergy season, because the bees are making their honey out of the same plants that cause your allergies. Still suffering from allergies? Make sure you wash your hands using a mild and gentle hand wash. You can’t contaminate anyone else with allergies, but your sneezes and coughs will unintentionally spread germs that your body might be fighting as well.

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