Celebrity Style: David Beckham on and off the field


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David Beckham – who doesn’t know this soccer super star? Known for his great footwork during games and his clothing style off the field, this world-renowned soccer player has created quite some talk about his celebrity style. This fashion icon is always spotted in Adidas apparel during his games. The Adidas Neo is even sporting a line of David Beckham gear, if you’re interested in adopting some of his fashion sense. Even if we don’t have David Beckham’s muscles, we can still sport clothes that are similar to his dressing style. Here are some wardrobe secrets of this celebrity soccer player:

Adidas mens shoes Superstar

David is always seen wearing Adidas gear for his soccer games. He has been spotted a number of times in Adidas gear ranging from Adidas sideline jacket and short to Adidas mens shoes Superstar and cleats. The Adidas Superstar shoes look cool and are very comfortable to wear all day. Adidas cleats are designed to give you great grip and help you perform wonders during your game. Even if you’re not a soccer athlete, you can wear regular Adidas shoes for that athletic on-the-go look.

Adidas David Beckham

He doesn’t only wear Adidas on the field. Adidas Neo has even launched a line inspired by David Beckham. This fresh lineup from Adidas David Beckham includes an incredible variety of t-shirts, jackets, shorts and street shoes. If you don’t just want clothing inspired by Beckham, then pick up a replica of one of his soccer jerseys that you can wear while watching the games. Otherwise, wearing just about anything Adidas is a great way to mimic David Beckham’s style.

Armani underwear for men

I’m sure that by now you’ve heard of David Beckham’s huge poster ads for Emporio Armani underwear for men. With his amazing looks and well-toned body David looked incredibly great in the ad. Though, a lot of people were opposed to ads that were big enough to cover a multi-story building and featured him in nothing more than tight-fitting underwear and an unbuttoned shirt. Dress like Beckham right down to your underwear with some Armani underwear for men.

Lastly, don’t forget to hit the gym to finish off your David Beckham look!

Guest blogger: Bhargavi

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