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Winters have already set-in and what better feeling than snuggling up in a cozy blanket would it be to be away from that chill. Technology has fast turned its pace and grandmother’s blankets have been replaced by fantastic electric blankets which are far more safe and reliable. Also the old patterned fireplaces have been taken over by smart technology of electric fireplace like Duraflame in which you don’t have to bother about charcoal or the other nuisance it might create.

Electric throw blankets are a great way not only to keep you warm and cozy but it also helps in saving a significant amount on your electrical bills. Instead of paying heavy bills, now you have to only spend a few cents each night for sufficing your need of keeping you warm. Not only this, the cold waves bring a typical chill in the body resulting in discomfort and aches. Small children and old-age people are particularly susceptible to them. These pains can occur in joints or other body parts resulting in acute problems at a later stage.

The electric throw-blankets are amazing, and relieve one from all these problems.   Heat is a great treatment for muscle pain and aches. By warming your body up at night, the blanket will help drawing blood into it. This will help the body to have the equal flow of ample blood all-over, making sure that you don’t wake up with aches or pains in the morning. The soothing affect of electric blanket queen actually melts away all the pain and aches and helps getting a good night’s sleep.

While you know how beneficial the use of a good electric blanket is, I would like to suggest Duraflame; one thing that will help you feel comfortable and warm while providing you a great ambience. Imagine, reading your favorite book while savoring the warmth of a fireplace is a great way of treating yourself. It creates an inviting atmosphere and is available in a variety of models that create mesmerizing effect of dancing flames alongside a supplemental heat source to warm your heart while melting away the chill of your body and provide you an ultimate comfort.  Your cold weather aches and pains are immediately melted away.

So why not enjoy this cold-season with a cool electric fireplace and electric blanket to give you all the warmth.

Guest blogger: Divya

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