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Sonicare toothbrush, Toothette oral swab, Toothette mouth moisturizer

Looking after your teeth needs to start right from childhood. Just brushing and flossing your teeth won’t do, and the dreaded task of visiting the dentist regularly is mandatory. Good, clean breath and well-maintained teeth infuses your personality with radiance and make you look attractive. Well, take a look at how you can enhance your oral health:

Make your life easy with a Sonicare toothbrush that works like magic. It’s an electric toothbrush that’s rechargeable and dispenses toothpaste as you brush. It has a built-in microprocessor that makes the bristle tips move almost three times faster than other electric toothbrushes. The rechargeable brush has two speeds – for normal and gentle brushing. This toothbrush, which cleans all the hard to reach areas is gentle on the gums and even tells you when you have brushed enough. It reduces stains and invigorates to leave y0ur mouth sparkling fresh and clean.

In case the daily brushing ritual is a problem, a toothette oral swab can help. It has a soft and safe foam head with clear ridges that gently lift and remove food and other particles from the mouth. They are efficient cleaning solutions for people who may need nursing help to take care of their teeth. It’s usually treated with plain or mint-flavored dental paste and is easy to use and gentle on gums. It can be used daily to prevent cavities and prevent bad breath.

A dry mouth is a pretty common problem and can affect enjoyment of food and wreak havoc on the health of your teeth. Natural saliva prevents tooth decay by washing away food and plaque and prevents bacteria from growing excessively in the mouth. Toothette mouth moisturizer is a water-based formula that contains Vitamin E and coconut oil and can help soothe and moisturize lips and oral tissue.

Stay healthy and happy by visiting your dentist periodically and giving oral health top priority.

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