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Whether you have a small home, or an over-sized mansion, it’s easy for necessary items to get lost beneath your everyday clutter. And keeping track of your pet’s personal items when they’re scattered around the house can be a real challenge.

Is it time to take your cuddly labradoodle for a much-needed walk but you can’t find that trusty leash anywhere? Does Buster the Bulldog need his daily dose of meds but that bottle seems to have disappeared from the cupboard? Did your adorably hyperactive Boston Terrier “Fidget” finally master a trick but his treats are nowhere to be found?

Yep Yup has created a catch-all canvas organizer just for these moments. With 17 pockets that can be used for snacks, collars, leashes, toys, medicine, designer dog sweaters or anything else your furry friend might need, this organizer from the Heliotrope collection is perfect to keep you and your pet free from the chaos of clutter. There is even a side hook attached at the top of the organizer so you can always find your favorite leash and a large mesh pocket on the bottom for toys.

This stylish organizer is made from durable 100 percent cotton canvas. It measures 10.5” wide and 49” in length, making it spacious enough to hold a large variety of pet accessories, but slender enough to fit in narrow spaces. It can easily hang on a wall near your pet’s sleeping area, in the laundry room, the garage or tucked away in a closet.

You’re even able to personalize this organizer by placing a photo of your four-legged best friend inside a frame that is centered at the top of the organizer. And you can choose from seven fashionable color combinations to match your home décor or your pup’s personal color preference.

Here’s to never again tripping on one of those squeaky toys that used to clutter your entryway. Thank you Yep Yup for helping all of us pet lovers become a little more organized.

How will you use your new pet accessory hanging organizer?

** Yep Yup has sent us one pet accessory hanging organizer that will be offered as a giveaway! Stay tuned for more details!


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