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We all remember playing basketball and shooting baskets in the yard or down at the park. I still do it. Sports in general are fun and therapeutic, but basketball is my favorite. The game is a great opportunity to get together with friends, and playing ball always makes me feel good.

Any basketball player will know the importance of having quality gear. Therefore, I have always trusted Spalding for basketball accessories and gear. This is the sporting goods and accessories company that developed the 1st basketball in the year 1894. They have also collaborated with the NBA to create and universalize the Spalding official NBA size basketball, used in every NBA game. The ball has interlocking sections that are made of synthetic material.

A Spalding basketball hoop is portable and available in different styles. One variety, called the Beast, is both durable and sturdy. This is because the backboard is made of tempered glass, along with a steel frame and aluminum trimming. You can move the basket in any direction because of the screw-jack lift and it is very close to a professional hoop.

Converse basketball shoes mean style and function. Converse has been synonymous with basketball for years. Each pair is designed to deliver the ultimate performance. Each pair is designed and manufactured to provide players with speed, finesse and agility. Basketball pros and legends swear by these shoes.

Next time you shoot hoops, be prepared with the right gear and accessories for the ultimate action and performance. Spalding and Converse together have built legends in the field or let’s say ‘court’ of basketball. Get them from their outlets or from any sports stores but get only the brand name stuff!

Guest blogger: Maria

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