Mirrors make rooms look larger than life


Large decorative mirrors, antique white mirror, ornate mirror

Mirrors hung on walls not just add cheerful vibes in to your living space but can also make the area or the room appears larger. Mirrors can be used in various creative ways to get the right effect. Mirrors tend to reflect both natural and artificial light. Hence, they make the room appear brighter all time, whether it is day or night. Mirrors also bounce back the light deep in to the room, making it look larger.

Whetherantique white mirror you plan to use simple mirrors or decorative mirrors, the effect is going to be more or less the same. Large decorative mirrors create an illusion of depth which consequently makes the room appear larger than it really is. Plus, these decorative mirrors with intricate frames will add aesthetic charm to your home décor. To get the optimum result, you can try placing a mirror near a window. The mirror will then reflect the outdoors and make the room look vibrant, cheerful and large.

Mirrors on the walls give a feeling of more open space. Hanging mirrors is probably the easiest way to make any small room appear bigger and more spacious. For instance, if your dining area is really small or probably just as small as a lobby; some large mirrors can add huge volume to this congested room. Having a large antique white mirror throughout the width of the wall will create an optical illusion that tricks the eye to believe that there is more space than what shows on the paper. This is because the mirror will reflect light and color across the room making it look brighter and bigger!ornate mirror

So, next time when you go about re-decorating your room and wish to make it look bigger and brighter, just add an ornate mirror strategically on a wall that reflects the maximum light. As simple as that!

Guest Blogger: Nisha

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