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Philips portable widescreen LCD TV, HDD media player, Coby portable DVD player

With the busy schedules that we all have nowadays, it is becoming something of a necessity for electronics to be portable. Watching your favorite TV shows or movies at home has become difficult and hence a portable way to do this just had to come. Let us take a look at portable ways for you to watch your favorite TV shows and movies.

The best way for you to watch your favorite shows on the go would be to get yourself a portable TV. Portable TVs are nowadays extremely popular and are a lot slimmer than the ones you used to get some time back. The Philips portable widescreen LCD TV is the perfect example of how slim portable TVs have really become. The slimness of this TV would have to be because of the LCD technology used instead of CRT. These portable TVs come in sizes of 7 to 9 inches. This TV will offer you up to 5 hours of playback with a built-in battery. It also has a detachable antenna to make it even easier to carry around and adjust your signal. So as you can see this is quite a flexible portable TV.

If you don’t like carrying around an antenna then you should consider buying yourself a portable media player. A regular portable media player will play all the formats of audio and video. You can put all your favorite TV shows and movies on it and watch them where ever you need to be. The most portable HDD media player will come with an internal storage of at least 30 GB which should be enough for you to put in all your favorite movies. A few HDD media players also have an SD card slot so you can store even more movies and shows.

These HDD media players are a lot better than portable DVD players as you wouldn’t need to haul around DVDs. Portable DVD players like the Coby portable DVD player would only support DVDs and they don’t sport internal storage or even SD card slot expansion. Think about it, 30 GB of internal storage would like carrying at least 10 movies.

So get the portable media device of your choice and enjoy yourself on your commute!

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