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With mobile computing on the rise laptops have become something of a necessity. When it comes to laptops, there are basically two types of laptops. They are netbooks and notebooks. Netbooks are usually smaller, lighter and less powerful while notebooks are larger, heavier and give you near desktop performance. When it comes to both these kinds of laptops, one thing is for certain, you can’t really place them on your lap and work! It kinda defies the word “laptop,” but that’s a fact. This is where a portable laptop table comes in handy.

Portable laptop tables not only help in situating your laptop conveniently for you to work on the go but also help in proper body posture while working on it. Most of these laptop tables come with height adjustment. This way you can adjust it according to your needs to avoid strain in the back and neck area, which can cause a lot of health problems such as Spondylitis.

Now, many will be thinking, “How portable is a laptop table, really?” Well it is perfect, as most of the portable laptop tables fold up so you can carry them easily. Most portable laptop tables come with legs which can be folded and then the table can be placed into a bag. This way you can easily carry it around without any inconvenience. A few of these laptop tables have extendable stands where you can adjust their height up to 21 inches which should be more than sufficient. This way you can use your laptop in a proper ergonomic position, which won’t give you back aches after long hours of usage. Since the legs of most of these tables are portable, all you need to do is fold them up and put them in a bag and you can use your laptop comfortably anywhere you’d like.

If you don’t travel a lot, but use laptops instead of desktops at work, then you could save space at your workspace and buy a laptop desk. Laptop desks usually take up just enough space for your laptop, so you can use the extra space for other purposes. These desks come in different designs, so you can chose one based on the décor of your workspace or home office. A few of these are even height adjustable to make you comfortable, no matter what.

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