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Sony Bravia LCD TV, Carol Burnett show DVD, Panasonic Viera plasma TV

Almost every one of us follows at least a few television shows. Now watching them on a good TV does make a difference. The viewing pleasure improves when you watch your TV show with a good TV with a quality sound system along with a high quality receiver. Whether you are watching your regular TV shows or a movie having good products which affect the quality of viewing is absolutely essential. Here are a few products which will enhance your TV viewing experience.

The most important product which has a direct effect on the viewing experience would have to be your TV. Nowadays’ having a HDTV is a must as most cable operators offer a few channels in HD. Among the HDTVs available, the ones from Panasonic, Sony and Samsung are the best. They offer the best HDTVs and are simply the best when it comes to viewing pleasure. If I had a choice between Sony and Samsung I would prefer the Sony Bravia LCD TV due to the Bravia sync technology. With this you could connect a Sony DVD player to the HDTV and you could control both of them with a single remote. So if you happen to have Two and a Half Men or the Carol Burnett show DVD, you can play it in your Sony DVD player and use the TV’s remote instead. This way you wouldn’t have too many remotes lying around your room.

If you are planning to buy a HDTV that’s is over 65 inches, then an LCD TV wouldn’t be a good idea. This is where you should opt for Plasma TVs. Plasma TVs are great when it comes to large sizes. Among the Plasma TVs available the Panasonic Viera plasma TV happens to be the best on available. The Viera Plasma TV happens to have a very long bulb life. The replacement process of the bulb can be done without any problems. A few of the Viera Plasma TV’s also are 3D capable.

So get yourself the best HDTV around and see the difference it makes to your viewing experience.

Guest blogger: Anil

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