Vanity trays and vintage household essentials


vanity tray, vintage platters, aluminum bowls

Vintage home décor has been gaining wide popularity. The old-world charm with those wooden beamed ceilings, huge chandeliers, beautiful wooden floors and grand furnishings – the vintage home décor will definitely bring you some royal charm. However, just getting some vintage furniture and decorative art pieces won’t give your home a complete vintage look. It is the little things that matter the most, like a vanity tray that is a beautiful blast from the past.

The most important thing to do while decorating your home is: pay attention to detail. You may have decorated your bedroom with a large canopy bed and a beautiful vintage dresser, but if you have a contemporary decoration (even a little one,) then you won’t pull off a vintage look. A wonderful detail for a vintage look is a vanity tray to keep all your vanity essentials. This tray in glass with exquisite metal work is essential in your bedroom if you truly want to give it a vintage look. It is very functional too as it holds all your perfumes, cosmetics, jewelry and more.aluminum bowl

Your dining area is a place where you can experiment with interior decoration a lot. Incorporating the vintage look in your dining room décor is very easy. You can find some vintage glassware to go with your grand dining table. A good option available to you is to get some vintage platters. These platters are a good way to accessorize your table as well as serve your food.

Another little item that can add charm to your vintage décor is an aluminum bowl. These aluminum bowls can be used on your dining table to serve fruits or your favorite salad. Creating a vintage look in your home requires some creativity and effort. Once you have the color palette set and the furniture in place, look in to the finer details.

Guest Blogger: Nisha

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