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I love wearing sweaters. They are so much more lightweight and feminine than bulky coats. Of course, I agree that they may not be weatherproof like coats. However, sweaters are the perfect garment to wear underneath your weatherproof gear.  Just take off the heavy coat when you step inside and display your chic sweaters!

Here are five sweater cuts that should definitely be in your wardrobe.

1. Women’s sweater coat

Best for milder climates, the women’s sweater coat eliminates the need to wear bulky outerwear as it offers protection up to the knees.  A pair of knee-length boots completes the covered-up look perfectly.  Short women should stay away from very long sweater coats as it makes them look shorter.

2. V-neck cardigan sweater

Long V-neck cardigan sweaters are absolutely popular right now.  At work, you can wear plain cashmere or wool sweaters with your button-up or blouse.  The sweater transitions easily to after work: if you’re heading for a bar, then jazz it up with a chunky neckpiece and belt. Garnet Hill offers exquisite cashmere cardigans.

3. Boyfriend sweaters

The loose and casual boyfriend sweater style follows the current love of menswear detailing on women’s clothing. Pair your boxy boyfriend with skinny jeans, jeggings, or even wool stockings. Avoid wearing them with baggy jeans unless you want to look like a mess.

4. Lace sweaters

Lace isn’t just for your grandma.  Designers have recently been adding interesting lace panels to the backs of plain white cardigan sweaters and simple sweatshirts.  When wearing this style, don’t pile on the layers: let the lace detail on the back of your sweater stand on its own.

5.  Fisherman’s sweater

The bulky and oversized fisherman’s sweater can even double as a dress too. Marc Jacobs and Prada have done a spectacular job with this style.

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