Best of the Web no. 14


The importance of a blog, both in one’s personal and professional life, is already been well written (blogged!) about. Creating your blog allows you to keep your life updated with friends and family, to express your opinions and feelings, and to establish yourself as an expert in whatever you choose to blog about – beauty or cooking, finances or art history. The proverbial rags-to-riches fame that certain fashion bloggers have attained (the Style Rookie’s Tavi Gevinson, Style Bubble’s Susanna Lau among them) are certainly good examples of what a blog can do for your career.

So, now that you’ve created your blog at Blogger or WordPress, it’s time to choose your design. The writing may come easy to those of you that love to share already, but hold off posting until you’ve chosen your blog theme: the look and feel of your blog does affect what sort of random readers you’ll attract (and may possibly have the effect of putting off people you do know). You can go with the big design templates that thousands of your fellow bloggers have chosen, you can go crazy with the imagination and completely design your own (only if you’re skilled at it, I recommend), or you can go to an outside source for your blog spiffy-fying needs.

Which is where Blogs and Blings comes in: this site offers backgrounds that 10,000 other people aren’t likely to have, making your blog stand out. Blog editor Alicia tells us of her designs, “I love grunge and things a little more edgy.” This designer knows the importance of quality and detail, confessing that “[This] is probably why my site doesn’t have the most backgrounds.” This blogger’s creative outlet definitely does a service for those of us out there with less than savvy design skills.

While some use their blogs to display and offer their talents to their audience, others treat their blogs more as a traditional diary, to chronicle monumental moments in their lives. One family-centric blog is Big Brother Little Sister, which follows a family of four that happens to have a son with Athetoid Cerebral Palsy. They tell us: “We like to travel, explore new places, try new foods and show that disability is just a normal part of our lives and in fact has enhanced our lives for the better… I love telling our families stories through many, many photographs, sharing our favorite recipes and our best places to explore with children in Melbourne and beyond.”

Hopefully you’ll be inspired to start your blog!


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