Choosing the right bed for your child


plastic toddler beds, bunk beds with trundle, bunk beds with stairs

Your toddler has outgrown the crib and there is a high risk of him or her falling, climbing, or jumping out of the crib. It is prudent to transition your toddler from the crib to a bed and choosing the right bed is very important, as the child has to feel comfortable while sleeping. In addition, right bed will give your child space to play while staying inside the room. There are a few things like readiness of the child, the independence to get on to the bed and off the bed, bed rails, and practicality, which have to be taken in to consideration while buying a bed.

Some kids find it easy to move from the crib to a bed, while some fuss during the transition period. The toddler should be able to get on and off the bed on his or her won, so check the height of the bed buying it. As a child has still not develop the ability to stay within the boundaries of a bed while asleep, consider bed rails as these prevent the kid from rolling over and falling down. If your kid is growing fast, then you may want to buy a twin bed, as the kid will grow out of the toddler bed fast. Some of the beds you could look at while shopping for a bed for your toddle are bunk beds, single beds without storage, single beds with storage, midsleepers, and novelty beds.

Plastic toddler beds

Toddler beds are transition beds for your kid to get used to sleeping in a regular bed. You get toddler beds made of various materials like plastic, wood and steel. After getting over the cuteness of these beds, the things to remember while shopping for a toddler beds are to keep the bed simple. Selecting a simple bed made of plastic frames or similar material frames with the cartoon of your child’s favorite character would be good. The bed has to be sturdy as the child would play and jump in bed.  Buying a bed with bed rails is a good idea, as these rails would prevent the child from rolling over and falling down. The bed should be easy to assemble.

Bunk beds with stairs

Bunk beds are preferred by parents where more than one child is sharing a room. This type of bed is great for sleepovers. Bunk beds are two single beds usually one on top of another that allows more space for sleeping in the room. Having bunk beds with stairs instead of a ladder is a major advantage, safety. The other reason to have these beds is the storage space under the stairs where you could store things for your kid.

Bunk beds with trundle

Bunk beds with trundle are named for the wheels or trundles, which are attached to the legs of the bed. Trundle beds are usually designed low to the ground that can fit under the master bed or a bunk bed. These are space savers while providing for a large sleeping area. These beds are great for kid’s room. By rolling out the bed at the bottom you are providing extra protection and safety for your toddler who might roll over in their sleep. These beds are available in various styles, sizes and colors.

These are some types of beds you could think of while shopping for a toddler’s bed. The most important thing to remember is that your child should be comfortable while sleeping and the bed should provide safety and security. Ultimately, parents know best as to which type of bed would suit their child best as they know the pace at which their child is growing.

Guest Blogger: Jyothi

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